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Presentation | 2018-10-23

Web-Based Data-Sharing Building Blocks For Researchers And Research Projects

Amit Chourasia
Presented at the HigherEd Web 2018 Conference, Sacramento, CA, Oct 23, 2018

The need for rapid data access and data sharing has become central with the rise of collaborative research in many disciplines. While several commodity file sharing products are available for general use, they are not well suited for research data, as they primarily rely on manual user interfaces to add or remove a few shared files, this is not practical for sharing large numbers of science data files, like those generated during and after computation. Instead, automated and scriptable mechanisms are required that can integrate into computation workflows to post files during and after computation jobs. Furthermore scientific data often requires support for collaborative discussion of research results, quick rough-draft visualizations to analyze the data, and support for metadata and descriptive information that can record job and compute platform characteristics, input data, job parameters, job completion status, and other provenance information. In this talk I will present and discuss capabilities of the SeedMe2 project (Stream, Encode, Explore and Disseminate My Experiments) which aims to offer web based scientific data-sharing and data management platform that cater to the unique needs of researchers and fill an important gap in Research Cyberinfrastructure. The platform is built on Drupal 8. We welcome interested folks to try, explore and configure your own data sharing website at Attendees will learn how a popular and well used content management system can be used transformed to support data sharing and data management for research and general purposes.

Release | 2014-03-12

Version 0.6 - SeedMe is now in Alpha stage 

We are providing access to early users to evaluate current state and provide feedback for improvements.

Paper | 2013-07-23

Amit Chourasia, Mona Wong-Barnum, and Michael L. Norman. 2013. SeedMe preview: your results from disk to device. In Proceedings of the Conference on Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment: Gateway to Discovery (XSEDE '13). ACM, New York, NY, USA, , Article 35 , 4 pages.


Preprint PDF 

Presentation | 2013-04-18

SeedMe (Preview): Sharing visual results from disk to device

Presented at the Globus World 2013, Chicago, IL

Presenter: Amit ChourasiaSan Diego Supercomputer CenterUC San Diego

Abstract | 2013-04-01

SeedMe (Preview): Sharing visual results from disk to device

Presented at the SEA Software Engineering Conference 2013, Boulder, CO Amit Chourasia, Mona Wong-Barnum, and Michael L. Norman

Press | 2012-09-09

SDSC Awarded NSF Grant to Facilitate Sharing and Streaming of Scientific Visualizations.